We’re all about helping youth
become more like Jesus.

Eikon Youth is a fully inclusive youth ministry where Middle School and High School
students from all walks of life can connect with friends and connect with God.

The Eikon Youth Experience

Eikon Youth is designed to help build faith and community for students in 6th-12th Grade. At each gathering, students will have an opportunity to engage in team-building games, faith-filled devotionals, and community conversations. Eikon Youth meets every Sunday evening from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at SUMMERMOON in Kyle.

If you have any questions or need more information on any of our Eikon Youth gatherings, please contact Amanda Martinez at [email protected].



  • 10/1: Blazer Tag | 1pm – 3pm | Food will be provided.
    Participants need to bring $20 for 2 laser tag games
  • 10/23: Pumpkin Patch/Corn Maze | 1pm – 6pm
    (No EY gathering this evening)
  • 11/4: EY Game Night | 6pm – 8:30pm
  • 12/18: EY Christmas Party | 6:30p – 8pm | Location TBD

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is Eikon Youth?

Eikon Youth, our ministry for Middle School and High School students (grades 6-12), happens each Sunday at 6:30 pm during the school year and takes a break during the summer to allow for increased family time and travel.

What does a new student need to do when they arrive?

We’re excited to meet them! They can connect with one of our EY Leaders that will be greeting students at the drop-off spot and that leader will collect some of their info so that we can keep in touch. We’ll then connect them with their Small Group Leader and the fun can begin. If a new student comes with a friend that’s currently attending Eikon Youth, we’ll make sure they’re in the same small group POD if they’re in the same phase of life (MS/HS).

What happens in Eikon Youth?

When you arrive, your child’s EY Leaders will welcome them and encourage them to grab some free snacks to enjoy. Students are more than welcome to purchase their own drinks or treats from Summermoon. They will have some fun hanging out with peers and leaders who are all about discovering great ways to connect faith + life. Then they will move into the Large Group experience which will lead them into their Small Group POD after the message.

Small Group PODs: We find the best way to create safe spaces for authentic conversations at our weekly gathering is through Small Group PODS (Point Of Discipleship). These PODs, led by gender appropriate leaders, consist of a smaller breakdown of same gender and same phase students conversing together to review the message and talk through how it relates to them.

Who is my student’s small group leader?

We’re so glad you’ve asked! Our leaders have committed to lead the same small group for the entire school year. Send your contact info, along with the age of your student to [email protected] and we’ll get you the information on who your student’s Small Group Leader is!

What events does Eikon Youth have?

We typically provide a monthly event for students to connect with God and each other! Some of our events have included Barton Hills Farm Corn Maze, Austin Rodeo, and community service events. Our events change each year designed around our students’ interests and availabilities. Stay tuned to the Family Ministries e-Newsletter and to our events page to see what we have planned next!

How can I, as a parent, get involved with Eikon Youth?

We’re glad you asked! There are lots of ways to participate in the fun as you experience your own spiritual growth through serving. You can start by asking your student’s small group leader how you can support him or her. Offer to provide snacks for group, transportation to an outing, or to host a gathering at your place. You could also send an encouraging note. Any time you can provide the leaders an opportunity to just hang out with their students, ministry is happening. If you want to do more, consider becoming a small group leader or joining our one of our other Serve Teams.

Can a parent be a small group leader of his or her student?

Becoming a small group leader is a fun and exciting way to stay engaged with your own student. We absolutely encourage parents to become small group leaders and, with the incredible growth happening, we need you but we do not permit parents to lead their own children in Eikon Youth. Some students need more space than others and are far more likely to be candid in small group discussions when parents are not present. We’ll help find the best fit for you, as well as the right place to maximize your student’s experience in Eikon Youth.

My student expressed interest in getting baptized. What is your process?

That’s awesome! We’re excited with you! Check out our Baptism page for more information.