Vision Sunday


Eikon celebrates its 2nd birthday! On this Sunday we celebrate all God has done over the past year and look ahead to...

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Summer at Eikon

08/23/15 - 08/30/15

Special messages from our Summer at Eikon series.

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07/26/15 - 08/16/15

Everyday on Twitter, Facebook and even on Jimmy Fallon we’re inundated with trending topics. In this new series we unpack some powerful...

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06/28/15 - 07/19/15

In this series we take a look at the DNA of Eikon Church to discover how each of us can be a...

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06/07/15 - 06/21/15

In this series we look at the life of David and discover how to become Mighty.

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Meant for More

04/12/15 - 05/31/15

Meant for More: A Community Bible Experience

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Hope is Here


2,000 years ago Hope came in the person of Jesus. We celebrate his life and death at Easter, but what does this...

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Pursued: God’s Divine Obsession

03/15/15 - 03/29/15

We run. Everyday we run. We run to things that make us happy, or from the things that cause us pain. We...

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Live Like No One Else

02/22/15 - 03/08/15

No one likes to talk about money, but money plays an important role in how we live.  Join us for this practical series...

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