Perspectives: Easter Through Their Eyes

04/06/14 - 04/20/14

Easter means many things: chocolate, eggs, bunnies, dressing up, and for many people… going to church. But what is Easter really about?...

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The Gospel According To… 

03/09/14 - 03/30/14

What do the Hunger Games, The Walking Dead, 24, and The Avengers have in common? They’re all great stories. We can learn...

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A tribe is a group of people connected to one another and connected to an idea. Tribe membership is voluntary and members...

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Happily Ever After?

02/09/14 - 02/23/14

Fairy tales and romantic comedies tell us that when you find that special someone life will be great and you’ll live happily...

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Starting Points: Beginning with the End In Mind

01/05/14 - 02/02/14

A new year always brings a renewed sense of vision for how things could… or should be. Resolutions are made, gyms fill...

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Saving Christmas

12/01/13 - 12/29/13

We all want Christmas to be a lot of things… full of joy, memories, happiness. What we don’t want is stress… or...

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Our Story

10/27/13 - 11/24/13

The Bible: 66 books, written by about 40 authors, in 3 different languages, on 3 different continents, over the span of approximately...

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Rules of the Playground


Many times the lessons we learn in Kindergarten are most important ones… treating others how you want to be treated, share, if...

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09/08/13 - 10/13/13

We’ve all had those conversations that we’ll never forget. You know, the one you replay in your mind over and over. Maybe...

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