Just Walk Across the Room


Sometimes sharing our faith can be difficult… okay, it can even be scary. How do you talk to someone about God? How...

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Vision Sunday


It’s our 1 year anniversary and we want to celebrate! Let’s look back at all that God has done this year. Listen...

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08/10/14 - 08/31/14

Rhythms are essential in life. We see rhythms everywhere… it’s in nature in the times of day and within the seasons in...

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07/13/14 - 08/03/14

Faith is found in every area of life. We can find faith in families, in the workplace, within politics, and in places...

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Under God?


Is our nation a Christian nation? Some say, that the United States once was a Christian nation, but no longer is. Though...

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Confessions of a Pastor

06/08/14 - 06/29/14

Despite what you’re thinking, pastors deal with problems and wrestle with issues just like everyone else. You’re not the only one that...

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05/18/14 - 06/01/14

There are various apps available for download with categories ranging from weather and traffic to addicting games and networking tools. With such...

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04/27/14 - 05/11/14

Certain images, soundbites, and videos are burned into our consciousness. They’ve become representative of something larger than that one “iconic” image. This...

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Perspectives: Easter Through Their Eyes

04/06/14 - 04/20/14

Easter means many things: chocolate, eggs, bunnies, dressing up, and for many people… going to church. But what is Easter really about?...

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