At Eikon we refuse to live life alone, we believe that life is greatest when it’s enjoyed with others. That’s why we put such a big emphasis on our small groups.

Small Groups are simply people taking next steps together. They’re a great avenue to meet new people and to develop life-giving friendships!

We have groups for everyone!

We have small groups for married couples, singles, college students, young adults, youth, Jr. High….Trust us when we tell you that there’s a small group for you.

*Some of our groups are closed due to capacity, but we’re always looking for people to start new groups! If you’re interested in starting a group we’d love to connect with you. Just click the “Lead a Group” link to get all the info.

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Lead a Small Group

At Eikon our small group leaders are heroes! Every week they are creating environments where relationships can be developed. If you’re interested in leading a small group click below!

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Saturday, October 11, 2014 by Eikon Church