We are a church that is For Our City.

Eikon Church launched in 2013 with a vision to be a church that is For Our City. Since that day we’ve seen amazing growth as we’ve been one of the fastest growing churches in one of the nation’s fastest-growing counties. We believe God has positioned us to make an impact for generations to come. To fulfill that vision, we must lay a foundation for our future, and we can’t do that without you!

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Hays County is one of the fastest growing counties in the country. It is estimated to grow by 464% over the next 35 years. People are moving to this area in droves, and those people matter to God, so they matter to us! With only 36% of Hays County attending a church, never before has the need been so great!

The most significant thing we could ever do For Our City is to have a healthy, growing church. God chooses to use His local church as the vehicle to reach people, change lives, restore marriages, and bring hope to the community.

“Work for the success of the city I have sent you to. Pray to the Lord for that city. If it succeeds, you too will enjoy success.” Jeremiah 29:7

In the Spring of 2016, God opened up an opportunity for Eikon to move into a permanent location to better serve our community. We stepped out in faith and launched the For Our City campaign to move, renovate and ultimately purchase the property on 400 Old Post Road. Over the last 3 years, we’ve seen God do the impossible.

Let’s celebrate all God has done! Because of your generosity, we have already completed these projects:


Exterior Improvements

Roof repaired and restored. Outside panels replaced. Ground leveled for proper drainage.


Parking Lot Improvements

Parking lot was repaired, resealed and striped. New parking lights were installed.


Infrastructure Improvements

We made several infrastructure improvements including installing french drains for proper water drainage, replacing 10 HVAC units to brand new, energy efficient models to better heat and cool the building, and installed a new security system.


New Signage Installed

New rear signage with visibility from I-35 installed. New sign in front of building with service times and information installed.


New Flooring Installed

New flooring installed throughout the building.


Offices Remodeled

Office construction completed. Conference room, meeting space, offices and 2 bathrooms installed.


Info Center Renovated

New Info Center strategically located in a central location in our lobby to help our guests get connected.


Mission Coffee Build Out

Mission Coffee renovated to help create a welcoming environment for our guests. 100% of the donations go directly towards supporting missions around the world.


eKids Check-In Remodeled

New eKids Check-In strategically located next to the main entrance to give our kids and families the best experience possible.


eKids Classrooms Refurbished

eKids classrooms improved to help create irresistible age-specific environments to engage our kids.


Auditorium Renovated

Auditorium completely updated with new stage, AVL systems, sound panels, chairs and flooring.


New eKids Wing

A brand new elementary wing designed to engage our kids. This renovation added a brand new large group space, a small group space and a private bathroom.


Our next goal is to expand our parking lot. We need to create more spaces to reach more faces.


Our current parking lot only has 78 spaces. We more than max this out every week and have seen people drive away when there wasn’t a space for them. We want to create space for everyone to have the opportunity to hear the gospel. Our parking lot expansion will more than double our current capacity. In order to accomplish this goal we need to raise $150,000 by 2020. This will allow us to fund the necessary construction, parking lot lighting, green spaces, and required permitting to complete this project.

We believe this will better position us to be a church that is truly For Our City.

Together we can do a great thing

For Our City.

How you can join us in this great mission:

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Prayerfully consider committing to help us create more spaces to reach more faces. Let’s invest into eternity together by giving joyfully and sacrificially. Commit to sponsor a space or contribute to the campaign. Together, we can do a great thing For Our City.


Make a Commitment






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Frequently Asked Questions

Are my gifts tax deductible?

Yes, all gifts are tax deductible.

What about my regular tithe?

During this time of growth and investment into our future, the ministries of Eikon Church will continue to operate to help people become more like Jesus. Because of this, the For Our City campaign giving will be above and beyond our normal tithes and offerings.

Can I setup automatic giving?

Yes, automatic giving is a safe, simple and secure way to give. Simply select the recurring drop down option when you give.

How can I give?

Give online – You can give on our give page.
Give in person – Use giving envelope and write “For Our City” to designate gift.
Give by mail – Mail a check made payable to “Eikon Church” (please write For Our City on memo) to 400 Old Post Road, Kyle, TX 78640
Give Other – Give stocks, bonds, land, personal assets (You can contact us for more on giving special gifts)

How often can I give?

Consider the following options for giving:
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