As we approach the Christmas season and give gifts to our friends and loved ones, we want to give our first and very best gift to God through our First Gift offering.

This year we are investing every dollar that comes in from our First Gift offering right back into our community! In 2019 we’re going to practice putting love in action, and sharing the love of Jesus in practical and tangible ways. This special offering will enable us to engage our neighbors through…

  • Community Events like Night to Shine.
  • Serve Projects like Eikon Loves ________.
  • Community Resources like counseling and benevolence.
  • Supporting Local Organizations like the Hays County Food Bank.

We believe we’re to be a church that truly is For Our City, and we want to love big in 2019. But to do this, we need every single one of you to join with us for the special First Gift offering! This year, we’re asking everyone to give One Day to Change our Community. We want everyone to consider giving one day’s wage towards First Gift. It’s not about equal giving, it’s all about equal sacrifice. We really believe that as we all partner together and invest one day together we can make a significant impact in our community.

Our annual First Gift Christmas offering on December 9th and 16th. This special “First Gift” offering will be above and beyond our normal tithes and offerings, so please be in prayer about the gift God would lead you to give, and let’s start this Christmas Season out right by giving One Day to Change our Community. You can give now by clicking here.


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