We realize that teens are struggling in many different ways—balancing online school, grieving the loss of daily contact with friends, and the roller-coaster of emotions during this pandemic. However, we still want to provide them with an opportunity to stay connected, encourage and support one another, and grow in their faith.

To help relieve some space during the week, we are moving our Wednesday evening Eikon Youth online experience into a segment during our EY Lunch Bunch happening each Saturday at noon on Zoom. Instead of trying to balance both online gatherings, this consolidation will provide everyone an opportunity to share life in a more face-to-face way during the Stay At Home season.

The recurring Meeting ID for this digital gathering is 940-3215-8940 and the password is 383879. Once your student logs in, they will be ushered into the Waiting Room (for security/protective measures) and let in to the Zoom momentarily. You can also use the link below to automatically get connected without having to type in anything. We look forward to connecting with your teens as they navigate faith and life in these unprecedented times!