Here at Eikon Church, we’ve never shied away from difficult conversations. We’ve talked about our faith, our fears, our doubts. We’ve had conversations about difficult topics that have come up in our culture. We’ve talked about money, race, and even politics—always focusing on how our pursuit of Jesus should inform these things.

When it comes to our position regarding the LGBTQ+ community, we believe that clarity is kindness and that we need to pursue clarity as a church on this subject. On Sunday, February 9th, we made our position clear to the Eikon Church congregation. We believe in and practice full inclusion here at Eikon Church, which means that individuals from the LGBTQ+ community can serve and be involved in EVERY AREA of Eikon Church from serving to pastoring.

More than that, though, we have invited everyone to join us in a bigger conversation about why we’ve made the decision that we have. We realize this might be a new idea for some followers of Jesus, so we want to do what we can to help them understand why we’ve moved in this direction. And we want to invite you into this conversation as well by exploring the content on this site, designed to provide you with resources along the way. Join us as we continue to endeavor to be a church where everyone is welcome, no one is perfect, and anything is possible . . . even in matters this important.

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Clarity Message Series

For those wanting to listen in or watch the Sunday morning messages shared during the series, Clarity: A Conversation about God, The Church, and The LGBTQ Community.

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LGBTQ+ Conversation Resources

In our pursuit to promote unity over uniformity, we’ve compiled a variety of resources that we believe will be helpful as you learn more and lean into conversations regarding our church’s decision to be a fully inclusive church. Included here are also links to Learning Nights we hosted at Eikon while we went through our series on the subject.

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Parenting Through The LGBTQ+ Conversation

The children we lead in our homes are looking to us and listening in on how we handle this subject in our everyday lives. Whether you have a child that is a part of the LGBTQ+ community or not, we want to provide you with resources that will help you keep the conversation going in an appropriate and meaningful way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be an ‘inclusive’ church?

To be inclusive towards the LGBTQ+ community means that we will not limit involvement, engagement, or leadership based upon being a part of this community. When we say that the LGBTQ+ community is welcome at Eikon, we don’t mean that they’re welcome to just attend or that they’re welcome to come and change this part of them, we mean that they’re welcome in every way and we honor the image of God in them. We welcome those followers of Jesus to lead and serve and to show us what it looks like to sit at Christ’s table.

Can I still attend this church if I don’t agree with the church’s views or positions on the LGBTQ+ community?

Yes. We realize that as a church, we will never have complete uniformity in our beliefs. Instead, we want to pursue unity. We believe there are things which the early church called ‘disputable matters’ and we should live in unity despite our differing views on these things. We believe that Christians can agree to disagree on this topic . . . AS LONG AS that disagreement isn’t rooted in anyone’s oppression. What we mean by that is that we will not be gossiping, backbiting, mocking, or diminishing anyone based on their personal beliefs on this issue. We will support one another, love one another, and bear with one another on this topic and all topics.

What positions and roles within Eikon can the LGBTQ+ community serve in and lead?

Here at Eikon Church, those in the LGBTQ+ community can serve and lead in every capacity. There will not be a role or a position that will be withheld from those in the LGBTQ+ community based solely on their belonging to that community.

Will there be LGBTQ+ leaders in Eikon’s Family Ministries?

Being an inclusive church means that, yes, there very well may be leaders in Eikon Family Ministries that are LGBTQ+. Every leader in Eikon’s Family Ministries undergoes a strict background check, training, and training process to determine if they will be a safe and loving leader for our kids and youth. We will continue to screen ALL volunteers, but we will not practice exclusion in this or any role at Eikon solely based on their belonging to the LGBTQ+ community.

Will you be teaching my kids or the youth anything as it pertains to the LGBTQ+ community?

Eikon Family Ministries exists to partner with parents to help children become more like Jesus. We will always partner with parents in everything, which means we don’t believe it’s our job or role to teach kids or youth anything as it pertains to LGBTQ+. We do, however, believe the church should be the safest place to tell someone anything. In light of this, we will always be a listening ear for all of our kids and youth, and when we hear whatever it is they tell us we will always point them back to their parents. We believe it is the parent’s role to be involved in the most important part of their kids’ lives. We will teach all of our kids and youth to be loving and inclusive of all people, regardless of their sexual orientation. We believe that relationships of all kinds (including romantic) are one of the most influential things in a child’s life, so if any child tells us of any relationship, we will continue to ask them if their parents know of this relationship and their thoughts. We believe that any secretive relationship is not a healthy one. Our desire is to partner with parents as they lead, guide, and love their children towards Christ.

Will Eikon perform same sex weddings?

Eikon is a church, which means a gathering of people, a community. A church does not perform a wedding; individuals do. In light of this, there will be some pastors and leaders at Eikon that are willing to perform weddings, and because we are inclusive of those with differing opinions on this, there may also be pastors or leaders that are not willing to perform those weddings. The building Eikon occupies (400 Old Post Rd) will be open for anyone to host weddings at regardless of gender or sexuality.

How does this affect Eikon’s teaching on sexual ethics?

Here at Eikon, we still believe that God would want every follower of Jesus to practice Christ-honoring sexual ethics. For too long, the church has excluded the LGBTQ+ community from the conversations around sexual ethics based on their exclusion from the beginning of that conversation. We believe that all followers of Jesus should embody sexual integrity, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Thursday, January 2, 2020 by Amanda Martinez