Genesis 1:26-27 reminds us that the image of God is only seen through men AND women. Our church, our culture, and our world need women—we need their voice and leadership desperately. When we don’t have both men’s and women’s voices on all issues of leadership, we miss the full counsel of God. As you read over those two verses, begin writing down a list of women in your life that you can pray for. Take a moment to pray blessings and favor for those women. Write a letter to one of them this week. In that letter, validate and encourage them to let their voice be heard in their everyday interactions.


YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are uniquely talented in your own way—God made you that way! Stop comparing other’s abilities, words, or circumstances to what is currently happening in your life. 1 Peter 2:9 reminds us that God chose us to be His people and it’s not because of anything we have done. Take a moment to write down all of the things that make you unique. Shut down any disclaimers or lies about where you don’t measure up. Sit with that list in prayer and thank God for fearfully and wonderfully making you so unique and valuable. Walk in truth, knowing YOU ARE ENOUGH.


Romans 16:7 points us to a leader in the early church, named Junia. Through the years she has been forgotten in many translations of the Bible. There are women in your community who feel forgotten. They have yet to hear about the hope of Christ and how much God loves them. There are women in your everyday interactions that need to be seen, known, and valued. As you go about your day, make it a point to interact positively with the women you come across. Offer encouragement, a listening ear, empathy, and prayer. Let’s be secure enough to be quiet, listen, learn, and make room for women!


Jesus and his mission needed powerful women, and the church today does as well. While the twelve male disciples of Jesus are more familiar to most, Mary Magdalene was one of many women who followed Jesus as well. Luke 8:1-3 shows that Mary, along with Joanna and Susanna, used their personal resources to help Jesus and his apostles as well. Take a moment to think about the women leading in ministry at Eikon Church, as well as those serving in leadership roles in churches across Hays County. Pray that God would bless them as they follow Jesus and lead the people in the community.


We live in a world where the majority of women are silenced every day; Where they doubt their voice and when they are impassioned, they are told they are emotional and unhinged. As followers of Christ, we need to be willing to advocate for women all around the world. Read over Acts 2:17-18 and reflect on what the world would look like if more faith-filled women were allowed to rise the ranks of leadership in the public sector. Dream big for those women. Pray that as they do rise up, that more people in our world will be introduced to the redemptive love of Jesus and that they will grow to develop a faith in Him.


  • Who is one woman in your life that you admire? Why do you admire her?
  • Who are some women who have changed our world in positive ways?
  • How have you seen the empowerment of women change your community for the better?
  • What are some ways it has become common to devalue women?
  • What does it mean to elevate women?
  • Think about the phrase: “When you value something, you protect it.” How does that inform your understanding of God’s intent for women in His Word?
  • Who are some women you need to listen to more, learn from more, and make more room for in your life?
Sunday, July 28, 2019 by Eikon Church