There are messages everywhere that tell us that we’ve got to be ‘pretty’ enough, smart enough, thin enough, strong enough, tall enough, and have a good job to be worthy. But the narrative of Jesus and the example through Mary’s story says differently. You are loved, valued, favored—you are worthy—just as you are. What are some lies that you’ve believed about yourself lately? How have you felt ‘not enough?’ Read over Romans 8:37-39 and think about how full the love of the Lord is for YOU. Lift a prayer of acknowledgment and gratitude for the love He has for you just because you are who you are.


Most of us have felt like we have been completely unable to make ourselves into something that would be worthy of God’s favor. Much like Mary, the mother of Jesus, we can find ourselves in situations where our circumstances seem to outweigh our worth. And yet we can do the same thing she did—decide that what God says about us is more powerful than the lies our circumstances or others tell us. Take time to verbally deny the lies that you are ‘unworthy of good things.’ Then read over Luke 1:38 and pray that God would help you remember your true worth in Him. Walk in the love and favor of the Lord today!


What if God’s word spoken over us is so much more powerful than our ability to become worthy of God? Take a moment today to dig through the Bible and find truths about who God says you are. (For starters, check out Matthew 5:14, Romans 1:7, and 1 Corinthians 15:57.) Write a list that begins with “God says this about me:” and write out a good amount of encouraging truths that you can keep handy for days when the doubts and scrapes of life come along. As you hold that list, lift a prayer of devotion to reflect on those promises this week and any other time that doubts creep up.


If you believe in God and you want to be in relationship with Him, you’ve got a couple of options: You can either trust in God’s love, or you can try to become worthy of that love. One leaves you feeling whole and worthy, accepted, and valued. The other will leave you striving, doubting, tired, and unworthy. Take a moment to imagine your life five years down the road after choosing each of those options. Reflect on Psalm 28:7 today and think about what it means to trust in Him, and what He promises on the other end. If you decide to trust in His love, personalize that scripture in prayer and praise Him for His faithfulness.


Mary is what it looks like to believe that we already are who God says we are. Mary is speaking God’s “yes” over you. You don’t have to strive for it; you don’t have to work for it, you don’t have to earn it—you are loved, valued, accepted, favored just as you are. Let those words be life for you today, and do your best to share those same words of life and empowerment with others today. Read over John 15:16 today and ask the Lord, in prayer, to lead you into conversations and situations today and this weekend to share His promises with others.


  • What was one of your funniest memories from growing up?
  • As a child, were you usually on your ‘best behavior’ or were you more of a ‘trouble maker?’
  • What was your perception of how to be a ‘Good Christian’ as you began your faith journey?
  • What are some areas of your life in which you doubt your worth or ability?
  • What is one scripture that brings you the most hope or promise?
  • Who do you believe that God says you are?
  • How can you share this message of hope with people in your everyday life?
  • Who is someone you can invite into your life to help you remember scriptural truths, and promises of who God says you are, during challenging times?
Monday, August 12, 2019 by Eikon Church