Often when we open our Bible, it can be easy to forget that our nice, neat, tidy scriptures were written over the course of nearly 1,500 years by 40 different authors on three separate continents. When we approach the Bible, we must see the entire library! Take a moment to open your Bible or the YouVersion app on your phone and read both Isaiah 61:1-2 (written by the prophet Isaiah) and Luke 4:18-19 (written by a physician named Luke). Take note of things that are similar and things that are different. After reading both scriptures, pray and ask the Lord to help you apply those words to your everyday life.


The Bible does give us some instruction, but it’s not a step-by-step process, despite what we want sometimes. If we approach reading it that way, we are bound to leave frustrated. It’s not a Magic 8 Ball. One quick verse won’t solve your problems. Instead, it’s a gem. You read it, ask questions of it, analyze, reflect, and discuss it. Read over 1 Peter 5:7 using As you read through the additional study tools online, reach out to someone you know who is seeking peace during this time, and share what you find. Pray the words found in 1 Peter 5:7 over them and keep studying the Bible!


If you think the Bible is like a gun, consider who you are pointing it at. Any human being that we point it at is someone Jesus died to save. The scriptures can be thrown around like a hand grenade, with intentionality, towards those who stand in opposition to your views, but that’s not what Jesus did. However, the Bible IS a sword to combat the lies and schemes of the devil. As you read Ephesians 6:12, write down some of the tangible evils you’re aware of in our world. Then, ask the Lord in prayer to guide you toward ways to stand up for those that are hurting and in need amid those evils.


When God is leading, you don’t always know where or what he will call you to next. He asks us to trust and follow. In those situations, we need a light in the darkness. The Bible is not the light. Jesus is the light. The Bible shows us Jesus. We glimpse Christ in the pages of the Bible, so it becomes this lamp that helps to guide the way. When we read over Psalms 119:105, we see that there is a purpose in using the scriptures to see the light of Jesus in all that we do. What are some situations you’re facing right now where you need His light? Pray that scripture over your situation and trust the Lord to light the way for you.


The Bible is about Jesus. Front page to last page; Genesis to Revelation. It’s all pointing each of us toward Christ. Everything in the 66 book Library: theological or practical, historical or poetic, if it’s applicable today or prophetic, it’s all meant to draw us closer to Christ, loving him with more of our affections. Take some time today to read Luke 24:13-34 and put yourself in that place on that Emmaus road. What would you think? What would you feel? Create some space today to pray and thank the Lord for making Himself known to you. Thank Him for all that He is and all that He’s done in your life!


  • How often do you read the Bible?
  • What is your favorite Bible story?
  • Is there a daily/weekly devotional that has helped you as you apply scriptures to your life?
  • How has studying the Bible affected your approach to faith?
  • How has your relationship with Jesus changed as you have read and studied the scriptures?
  • What are some things that you wish you knew more about in the Bible?
  • If you haven’t been in the habit of reading the Bible consistently, what can you do this week to take steps toward reading the scriptures more often?
Saturday, March 14, 2020 by Amanda Martinez