At some point in almost everyone’s life, they will experience a mental health crisis or challenge. And if it doesn’t affect you directly, it absolutely will affect you indirectly as a friend or loved one struggles through this pain. Many struggling with a mental health crisis either feel isolated or feel like they must isolate themselves because of what they are experiencing. As you read over Psalms 13:1-2, think of people in your everyday life that you know are suffering through anxiety or depression. Take time to write a note or text of encouragement to them. Pray that they would see that they aren’t alone in the struggle.


Author Elisabeth Elliot once wrote, “Don’t dig up with doubt what you planted in faith.” Believing the lies of self-doubt robs us of the courage found in the Holy Spirit that helps us to live a full and free life. John 14:26 lets us know that we can lean on the Holy Spirit to help us remember the truth of God when we face lies—even lies we tell ourselves. As you create room in your schedule for focused prayer, invite the Holy Spirit to remind you of who God says you are. Spend some time today discovering scriptures that will help to reinforce those truths brought to light in your prayer time.


When we lean into the mind game of self-condemnation, we find ourselves losing hope and trust in God to redeem the time and renew us. All of a sudden, that one mistake we made in the past defines our future. In those moments, we need to remind ourselves that God is bigger than our worst mistake and that He wants us to overcome the lies of self-condemnation. Take a moment to read over 1 John 3:20-21. As you pray today, ask the Lord to help you reveal any lies of self-condemnation you’ve been believing. Ask Him to help redeem the situation and renew your mind to focus on His hopeful truth and promises.


Have you ever watched a movie and spent the whole time critiquing the film instead of enjoying the story as it unfolds? How about your internal conversations with yourself—do you find yourself criticizing everything about you instead of seeing the wonder of who you truly are? Today is a perfect day to show kindness to yourself. Let God be a refuge for you today. Set aside some time to read over Psalm 18 and be encouraged. Dare to slow down, speak words of hope and kindness to yourself, and do something that brings you peace and joy. Thank God, in prayer, for seeing you and being a faithful savior.


So easily, we create internal mixtapes of negative or critical thoughts in our minds. The good news is that mixtapes can be recorded over. What has been doesn’t have to be what will always be. We can intentionally renew our mind by acknowledging the problem, taking a step to work on the root issues regarding our mixtapes, and press play on a new song. As you pray today, personalize the words found in Psalm 33:20-22. Let them be a beacon on the murky shores and an anchor in the crashing waves of your mind. Remember that you are enough. You are brave. You are strong, and you are loved!


  • Have you ever made a mixtape?
  • If you could make a mixtape now, what are 5 songs that would be on it?
  • What’s the best love song you’ve ever heard?
  • Have you ever fallen prey to mind games like Imposter Syndrome, self-condemnation, or self-criticism?
  • Why is it so easy for us to be our own worst critic?
  • What are some scriptures you lean into when faced with mind games?
  • Why do you think the Bible encourages us to talk to others about our brokenness and not just keep it between us and God? (see James 5:16)
  • How do you see God bringing healing to yourself or others through open honesty about personal struggles?
Saturday, November 9, 2019 by Amanda Martinez