When we become self-aware of how God uniquely wires us, we can cultivate more compassion and intimacy in our relationships. It also allows us to embrace the fullness of grace that the Lord wants us to walk in daily. As you create some space today for prayer and reflection, thank God for all that you have been discovering about yourself recently. Invite Him to help you become even more self-aware so that you can embrace His full grace. Read over Colossians 1:6 and let it be both an encouragement and empowerment for you to become more like Jesus as you apply truth and grace to your life.


Showing up in our world at our highest capacity stems from a commitment to come before God with open hands, willing to take steps to do some soul work, and trust God as we move from guilt to grace. When you face blind spots in your personality, be willing to develop an ‘internal observer.’ That means that you see your behavior without judging yourself. 1 John 3:20 reminds us that God is greater than our feelings of guilt and willing to help us move beyond it. Take time out today to write down some things you are feeling guilty about. Take that list to God in prayer, and when you’re done, throw that list away.


Both in our faith and everyday relationships, we can try to hide the pieces of ourselves that we don’t think are pretty enough. As you discover how God has wired you, continue trusting that God sees you and loves you just as you are—on good days, bad days, and every day in between. He’s never stopped loving you or being FOR you. Let the words from Isaiah 26:3 soak into your soul as you take time today to welcome God’s peace into every part of who you are. Take time out today to write a letter of appreciation to yourself. Include all the things that are wonderfully and uniquely you!


There’s more to you than just your personality type. Psalm 139:13-16 reminds us how marvelously and intricately we were made. Every personality type has gifts to bring to the world. What are some things that fuel your heart and mind? How can you use those things to show up fully in the world around you? Is there a career or family path you want to explore? Reach out to someone a few steps ahead on that path and ask them how they have seen their faith and personality show up in tandem along the way. Take time out to pray that as you each embrace your mission and purpose, you can journey together through it.


When Moses encountered God at the burning bush in Exodus 3, he asked two questions to excuse himself from showing up fully in the lives of others. He asked, “Who am I?” And “What if they . . . “ Like Moses, many of us give ourselves those same excuses. Learn from Moses and flip the script. Today, write out a different list. Make a list of “Who you are in Christ,” and “What if they do . . . “ Afterward, create some space in your schedule to pray, embracing the challenge to be marked by humility, willing to live open-handed to what God is calling you to do where He’s calling you to do it.


  • Which is better: pumpkin pie or pecan pie? 
  • What do you love most about the Fall season?
  • What are some things that refresh your mind, body, and soul?
  • What new things have you learned about yourself through this series?
  • How have you been able to apply the Enneagram tool to your workplace relationships?
  • How have you been able to apply the Enneagram tool to your family relationships?
  • What are some positive things that your Enneagram type brings to your everyday world?
  • What blindspots from your type are you wanting to work through as you pursue more whole self health in this season of your life?
  • In what ways do the two questions that Moses presented before God speak to you? (Who am I? & What if they . . .?)
Monday, October 7, 2019 by Eikon Church