It’s only when we truly know who we are that can we can bring our full selves to this world. That is a big part of living abundantly in Christ. When we bring our whole self to the world, we will be able to have full, healthy relationships with ourselves that all will positively impact our other relationships as well. Where have you seen or felt yourself holding back pieces of yourself? Read over John 10:10 and take time to pray today for the boldness to live this abundant life. Then, reach out to a trusted friend and engage in a conversation about what this could look like and what next steps you need to take to ‘show up’ in full.


In our journey through the Enneagram, we’re presented with a great tool to help with self-discovery. Part of getting to know who you are will mean letting go of who you are not. God designed you with uniqueness, power, and purpose that is unleashed when you show up exactly as you are. At some point today, take inventory of the things you’ve been doing, places you’ve been showing up, words you’ve been speaking that don’t reflect who you truly are. Read over Romans 12:2 and ask God to help highlight some ways you need to let go of who you are not and break out of molds that you were never made to fit into.


One key to having a healthy relationship with yourself is to embrace both your strengths and your weaknesses. We all have certain things we’re best at and areas that we struggle in. Take a moment to write down some of your strengths and weaknesses side-by-side. Then, read over 1 Corinthians 12:4, 10-11 and ask God to help you infuse His grace, wisdom, and love into every strength and weakness you have listed. Set some personal goals that will help you embrace and process your strengths and weaknesses in healthy ways. Feel free to reach out to a friend who can help you on that journey, too!


Once we get to know who we are, and we learn to embrace all the parts of ourselves, we can then move toward wholeness. The closer we get to wholeness, the closer we get to living as God intended. Take a look at Matthew 5:48 and notice the word PERFECT. It comes from the Greek word, ‘telos,’ which means ‘whole’ or ‘complete.’ Re-read Matthew 5:48 and this time make it a personalized prayer. Ask God to help you move towards being more whole and complete in Him. Ask Him to help you reflect that in your relationships, too! Walk in confidence, knowing that God delights in you—the WHOLE you!


God doesn’t expect us to be perfect. Instead, He wants us to be whole. He delights in our human-ness. And like Eugene Peterson says, “We don’t become more spiritual by becoming less human.” Pause for a minute and ask yourself honestly, what are some ways you can pursue a healthy relationship with yourself? Then, read over Proverbs 19:8 and challenge yourself to let this truth permeate your whole being. In prayer, ask God to help you walk in His truth and carve out some time this weekend to pursue a healthy relationship with yourself. You’ll be so glad you did!

Sunday, September 29, 2019 by Eikon Church