Galatians 2:20 reminds us that both the wealthiest most powerful person on the planet and the poorest peasant on Earth are brought to a level playing field by the power of the cross. No matter what our past, present, or future requires of us, we all share a redemption experience. As you read over this verse, think about the things that God has redeemed in your life. Where did he make an ‘ALT-level’ change? Take a moment to thank Him in prayer for the redeeming power of His loving sacrifice for you. 


In a world where everyone and everything is fighting for our attention, it’s easy to lose focus on our purpose and priorities. If you don’t continually clarify your focus, you’ll be pulled in a million directions, and none of them will fulfill you. Matthew 6:33 helps us to reframe our priorities and see our everyday actions through a focused lens. Take a look at your calendar and ask yourself, “How am I making time to focus on what’s most important this week? Pray that God would give you wisdom as you narrow the focus.


One of our values at Eikon Church is to be contributors, not just consumers. We are dedicated to volunteering our talents, passion, time, finances, and energy to accomplish the mission of the church. Romans 12:10-11 gives us a great blueprint for how to make that happen. As you read over this verse, consider joining an Eikon Serve team or re-evaluating your current engagement on your Serve Team. Do you see this verse coming to life as you look at your connection to the church? Make time today to pray through this verse and ask God to help you use what He’s given you to build His Kingdom here on Earth. 


Throughout the course of pursuing our passions and serving in ways that are meaningful to us, it’s not uncommon to get stuck in the grind and find ourselves asking the questions, “Is this worth it? What’s the point of doing this?” The promise we have in Christ as we give, serve, and love others is echoed through Hebrews 6:10. If you are part of an Eikon Serve Team, a local service organization, or if you are dedicated to humbly serving those in your workplace or educational environment, know that your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed! What you are doing is worthwhile and is helping people to catch a glimpse of God’s love through your service. THANK YOU!


We believe that the local church is the hope of the world and we are excited about all the wonderful ways that you can share that hope with you wherever you go. Galatians 6:10 reminds us to do good to everyone as we have the opportunity. Would you take a moment today to reach out to someone in your community—a trusted friend, someone in your small group, a dearly loved relative—and let them know how much you appreciate them? Share an encouraging word or scripture that you think would bless them. Afterward, take time out to thank God for all of the people who have played a part in your faith story. Pray through today’s verse and ask God to help you to seize every opportunity to live it out.


  • What made you want to get connected at Eikon?
  • What confuses you most about technology?
  • How would you define the word, “successful?” By your definition, do you consider yourself successful?
  • What is something that you consider a high-priority in your life? What’s ‘in your box?’
  • When have you had a time that you asked yourself, “What’s the point of doing this?”
  • How has faith in Christ changed the things you prioritize?
  • Are you currently part of an Eikon Serve Team? If so, which one? What do you love about it?
  • Who is one person in your community that you wish would come to church so that they can know that everyone is welcome, nobody is perfect, and anything is possible? Would you be willing to invite them to church next week?
Monday, January 14, 2019 by Steve Cochran