Welcome to the new Eikon Church website. In this post I’m going to give you a quick little tour of the site and highlight a few key portions of the website: Next Steps, Messages, and Events.

Next Steps

First of all the Next Steps portion of the website probably constitutes one of our biggest additions to the website. The church is ultimately all about pointing people to Jesus and as our world goes more and more digital we want to meet them there. So we created the Next Steps area of the website to help people discover what they can do to further their relationship with Jesus.

We have tools to help people meet Jesus, join a small group, and volunteer. Each page has elements that I’d encourage you to check out.

One cool feature we have exists to help people learn to read and study the Bible. We’ve created a Daily Devotional that will be emailed out to anyone that signs up to receive them. Every morning for an entire year these people will receive a simple verse and devotional to meditate on throughout the day. I really think this is a great tool that’ll really help people. Head on over and sign up for the devotional(bottom of the ‘Read the Bible’ page) now and see what I mean. You can also sign up for more info on baptism, becoming an Owner, and even sign up for free online resources – if you haven’t done any of those things, now would be a great time to do so 😉


The next part of the website I’d like to direct your attention to is the Messages page. We have heard all of your requests and have now put all our messages online and right on our website instead of somewhere else altogether. We have every series on here since we launched in the summer of 2013! I do have one caveat here, please bare with us as we get our content edited and uploaded. I realize that not everything is up quite yet but we are working on it. We’re tweaking some of our systems to make sure the video and audio from each Sunday goes up much more quickly. However, we have created a simple solution to knowing when the messages go up. On the Messages page you can sign up for a weekly email notification that will let you know when that Sunday’s message has become available online. This is another awesome tool we’re providing for people that may not be able to make it every week. Make sure to head on over and sign up now.


Lastly, I’d like to highlight the Events page. Here we’ll highlight all the goings-on of Eikon Church. Did you miss the announcement, unclear of the details? Just head on over to the events page and find out all you need to know. Not only can you go there and find out all about it, but you can also add it to your calendar directly from the site. Again, this is just another small feature that makes the new Eikon site so helpful to not just our guests, but also to all of our church family.

There are so many features and elements to this site that I can’t go over it all at once. But dig around and check out the new site. We hope you love it as much as we do. While you’re here on the blog, be sure to sign up for the Eikon Church Email so you can get blog posts, news, and other announcements from there church.


One final thing I want to mention briefly is the Giving page. It’s now fully functional, but over the next month more functionality will be added to that part of the site to make things not only easier to give online, but also track your personal donations with user created reports.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this introduction and we hope you love the site.

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Thursday, January 1, 2015 by Eikon Church