Growing up I was very spoiled to live in a near perfect climate. Nairobi, Kenya is eighty degrees, sunny, with no humidity for almost the entire year. Sure the weather may fluctuate day to day a bit… more sun… increased chance of rain the next day. But the consistent climate of Nairobi is incredible.

According to the dictionary “climate” is the average temperature in a place over many years. So sure there may be slight changes day to day but climate is looking at the averages over hundreds or even thousands of years.

Every person has a climate.
You and I, we have a climate.
We have a climate we bring wherever we go.

Some of you are endless rays of sunshine.
I want to be around you because joy resonates from your life.
Being around you feels Like a day at the beach.
If you were a city you would be Miami or San Diego.
People get around you and they can’t stop smiling.
Just as we leave the beach a tad sun burnt, we leave conversations with you different than when we first arrived. Something in our complexion has changed.
Your joy marks us.

Some of you are perpetually cold and overcast.
Fear and sadness resonate from your life.
Being around you feels like a day in a rainstorm.
If you were a city you would be Seattle or London.
Every once in a while the sun might come out, but it’s rare and there are still scattered thunderstorms in the forecast.

Every person has a climate. What is yours?
Have you realized that you control your climate?
When you walk into a room you have the opportunity to set the temperature of that space.
Some of us have defaulted to letting others dictate our weather.
Someone else has a stormy disposition, now you’re experiencing rain.
Someone else is negative so you’re negative.
Someone else starts gossiping, now you’re gossiping.
Someone else is angry so frustration builds in you as well.

If we remain oblivious to the spiritual, emotional, and mental climate of the people around us we will let them dictate our climate more than they should. If you are experiencing massive mood swings, it may be due to a lack of intentionality in controlling and creating your climate.

If someone wants to bring their negativity, you still have permission to be positive.
If someone starts to gossip, spiritual maturity would shut that down… you can shut that down.
Don’t wait for someone else to do it, you set the temperature, you create the climate.
What is the weather like in your relationships right now? Your marriage?
When is the last time that you started a conversation about what God is up to in your life?
When is the last time you went out of your way to speak encouragement?

A simple act of love and kindness can go a long way in setting the temperature and changing the climate. God gives you the power to change the climate. Would we be a people so marked by faith, hope, and love that when people get around us they leave different.

May we be people who set the temperature.

By: Benji Block

Thursday, February 22, 2018 by Eikon Church