By: Cheryl Bailey

Will you help us raise $25,000 to save a family of Syrian Christians from death? Yes, there are many Syrian families that are facing imminent death from ISIS right now and we would love to save every last one of them, but our mission is to save just one.

I’m sure that nearly every day you, like the rest of us, are hearing about the genocides happening in Syria, or see a picture of a starving refugee child in Turkey and you want to help. You recognize the injustice, and think to yourself that you wish someone would do something. But that’s where the thought stops. You click out of the article, you keep scrolling past the image. Your thought never turns to action and nothing ever gets done.

I get it! I felt the same way too. I wanted to help, because my heart was breaking each and every time I read another article about another Christian family being tortured or beheaded by ISIS. “But I’m just one person – a mom in Texas, another world away, practically. What could I really do?” This is what I would think, day after day. And I felt so helpless.

I began to pray about what I could do to help. Then one day I heard about an organization that is working to free the particularly vulnerable persecuted Syrian Christians. They identify and vet the families that are most at risk for death by ISIS and work with their churches and communities to get them out – sometimes by cover of darkness and through networks that have been set up to save these people. They get these families to safety and take them to other countries that will accept them, so they can begin their lives again.

It’s so sad that they must leave everything and everyone that they’ve ever known behind, but I’m sure it’s what you would do if you were escaping certain death.

There are costs associated with this effort. The estimate for saving a family of 5 (typically a mom, dad, and 3 kiddos) is about $25,000. It may be more for some and less for others, depending on the situation. Just so you know, no one is taking a penny of this money for “administrative expenses”. No one is making a salary here. It’s just a group of people that are risking their own lives and doing everything that they can to save Christian families from death. The costs are mainly travel related – flights, cars, paperwork, etc – and the funds needed to help each family get started in their new life.

Who are these people? Surprisingly, they come from all walks of life. Shop owners, doctors, teachers. I recently heard about a family that had to evacuate, where the dad was a dentist and the family was very well to do, prior to ISIS coming to their village. They owned a very nice home, other property, were well connected and loved in their community, and had plenty of money. All 5 of them were chased out by ISIS and they now live in a single cargo container and barely scrape together enough food to feed themselves day to day. They will never be able to return. They are on the run from ISIS, and have lost everything, all because they would not deny Christ.

I want to help. But I cannot do this alone. Please help me save just one family. God has laid this upon my heart as my responsibility. I know that I will be held responsible for my inaction, if I choose to do nothing.

How can you help?

1. You can give money – Any amount. It only takes 250 of us to donate $100 to save a family of 5 from imminent death.

Think about that for a moment. If you knew that your child was going to be killed if you didn’t come up with the money to get them to safety, wouldn’t you blast it all over social media to anyone that would listen? Of course, you would! And hopefully, all of your friends would give to help you save your child.

Every holiday our family adopts a local family and we make for sure that they have food for Thanksgiving. For Christmas, we do the same. We make for sure that they have food and gifts for their kiddos. And each year, we deliver these gifts – bikes, jewelry, video games, you name it. And sometimes we post on Facebook and ask if our friends want to be a part of it as well. And you guys are the best – every need that I’ve ever posted about has been filled within minutes. You’ve always helped out with toys – I’m now asking you to help me save human lives!

You can click here to Support Syria.

2. You can share this information/link. Please post this on social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc.

3. You can pray. Prayer can move mountains! Please pray daily for these innocent families. Their only crime is that they will not deny Christ! Could you be so bold if their circumstances were your own?

Thank you for partnering with me to make a difference in Syria.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015 by Eikon Church