When we look at the Sermon on the Mount, we discover some great truths that the Lord wants us to hang onto as we live each day for Him. Take some time today to read over Matthew 5:1-12 and highlight the word ‘blessed’ each time it occurs. Remember that when we read that word, it’s God’s way of saying, “I’m on your side.” You can be confident in His promises and truths. Personalize those scriptures from Matthew in a prayer as you prepare to embrace everyday moments a little more intentionally. Invite Jesus to walk through this week with you as you endeavor to follow Him through your daily encounters.


When we admit and embrace our brokenness, we become candidates for God’s amazing grace. We can spend all of our time pretending that we’re ‘fine,’ but Jesus invites us to embrace the paradox: brokenness is actually the way to wholeness. What are some broken areas of your life? Where do you need Jesus to offer a way forward in your life? Write them down on a sheet of paper and hold it in your hand as you read over Psalm 34:18. Invite God through prayer to renew your spirit and heal your brokenness. Lean on Him and reach out to a trusted friend to let them in as well. Hold on and know that God is on your side!


In life, we go through challenging seasons. We face gut-wrenching circumstances, but through it all, we can still find a peace that’s bigger than all of that because it’s rooted in the presence of God. You see, peace isn’t the absence of problems, but the presence of God. If you’re in the middle of a dark season, remember that you’re not alone. Take a moment to read over John 16:33. As you pray, use the phrase “You have overcome __________” and fill in the blank with the circumstances in your life that are currently robbing you of peace. Surrender those things to God and walk in His perfect presence of peace today!


When Jesus spoke in Matthew 5:5 about how God blesses the meek, He wasn’t using that word to mean weakness. Meekness doesn’t mean weak at all—it means quite the opposite. It refers to strength under control. It means that you could retaliate, but you choose not to. You don’t have to take matters into your own hands because you decide to trust in God’s timing and justice instead. As you meditate on that verse today, ask God to help you see the areas where you can exercise meekness in your everyday life. Decide today that you will trust in God’s timing and allow Him to guide you towards a better way forward.


We see in Matthew 5:7 that God is by our side when we show mercy through our everyday actions. That mercy is reflected in the various ways we extend compassion. Think of someone that you know is going through a challenging time right now. How can you extend compassion and meet some of their physical, emotional, or spiritual needs through the resources and abilities that God has given you? Pray and ask God to help direct you as you make moves this weekend toward extending compassionate mercy to others that might be easily overlooked. Watch God ‘show up’ as you go where He guides!


  • What was your favorite childhood family vacation?
  • What’s your favorite story in the Bible?
  • Have you ever read your Bible and wondered what it might be like to grow up in the days when it was written?
  • Why was it significant that Jesus chose the common mountain in Galilee that people passed by daily?
  • In what ways have you seen God ‘show up’ in your life?
  • How has God carried you through difficult seasons of life?
  • How can you embrace humility, brokenness, and meekness in your relationships this week?
  • Who can you intentionally extend comfort and compassion toward this week?
Sunday, June 23, 2019 by Eikon Church