I am enamored with tomorrow,
Seems to shimmer and shine with promise…
There is always “better” in the distance.
And somehow, at the same time,
In a way only life could make possible,
I feel dread for tomorrow.
So much unknown, too unsettled, way under developed.
Tomorrow has no guarantee of what it will bring.

I am in love with tomorrow,
Probably because it’s just easy to talk about.
I imagine this better version of me that will one day magically arrive,
My future fit self,
With my dream job,
And my perfect spouse.
I’ll be bold, take great risks, travel, develop deep meaningful relationships.

Tomorrow I will have more time.
I will write more, learn more, and give more.
It’s always some day in the future,
My mind plays tricks on me.

Almost like placing a carrot in front of a rabbit,
But the carrot is tied to a string and so
Tomorrow leads me on…
This distant day that in my brain
Is not too far away to completely block out,
But at the same time
Is not too close to really do anything about.

Then there is today, this moment, right now.
The only moment I can actually be fully alive in.

Right now is hard.
There is this constant tension of who I was
And where I want to end up,
They war with each other and if I am not careful
I sit, stuck, waiting for this to play out.

What I really need is to embrace today and throw the rest away.
Simply put, I need to trust God with my tomorrows and take my next right step
Right now is what I have.
So right now I will be faithful,
Right now I will be bold,
I will thrive today.


By: Benji Block

Thursday, May 18, 2017 by Eikon Church