Ephesians 4:16 paints us a great picture of how we are all connected in the body of Christ. When we each do our own special work to serve and bless others, it opens the door to an even stronger community and faith development. Have you ever noticed the people waiting at the front door to greet you on Sunday mornings? Or perhaps the smiling faces preparing and pouring hot coffee in Mission Coffee? Would you take a moment today to pray blessings over our First Impressions Team for all they do to initiate meaningful connections? If you feel led to join their team, head over to!


Every Sunday, we get to engage in a powerful worship experience at Eikon! We have a fantastic team of volunteers dedicated to creating excellent experiences for people to encounter God. Because of them, we can corporately live out the words of Psalm 98:4. Today, as you listen to songs of praise and worship, lift up a prayer for all of those who serve on our Productions Team at Eikon. Pray about ways that you can bless them personally—either by joining the team to better connect with them or writing them a note of encouragement they can read aloud during their pre-service VIP Huddle.


Family matters. Many young people in our church + community lean on the mentorship and faith-filled relational investments made by those who are a few steps ahead of them—both in faith and life stage. Our Family Ministry Team is dedicated to showing up in the lives of young people consistently. They understand that when we point this growing generation to Jesus and others in a faith community, Proverbs 22:6 plays out beautifully. Would you take a moment to pray for the Family Ministry Team volunteers, and consider getting in the game to join the team that’s leading the next generation?


We believe the church should be the safest place to ask any question. Whether that’s “Where are the restrooms,” or “Do you know of a counselor I could talk to?” our Connections Team makes themselves knowledgeable and available to help find an answer! As you read over Psalm 34:4, think about all the times you’ve been afraid to ask a question or a situation where you overcame that fear to bravely ask it. Say a prayer of gratitude for God’s goodness and graciousness, then lift our Connections Team for being an extension of that graciousness to both our regular attenders and guests at Eikon!


Community can’t happen in an hour once a week, sitting silently in some chairs. Community is found in small groups. Hebrews 10:24 points us to a lifestyle of encouragement and support through a faith community. If you’re seeking community like that, be willing to show up and be seen. Be willing to create a space like that for others as you grow in faith and courage. If you’re not yet in a small group, would you take some time to pray about joining one (or maybe even starting one)? Need help finding a group or discovering how to start an Eikon Small Group? Check out


  • What is your favorite sports team?
  • If you could play any sport professionally, which would it be?
  • What’s been your favorite team to be a part of? (ie: spouse, club, work, fraternity/sorority, etc.)
  • Do you ever feel like you have relationships, but no community?
  • What Eikon Serve Team do you feel is the most compelling to be a part of? Why?
  • What Eikon Serve Team are you a part of?
  • What matters most to you when you’re involved in a tight-knit faith community?
  • How can you help others at our church get better connected in faith community?
Sunday, August 18, 2019 by Eikon Church