So often when I sit down to write, think, or pray, the first thing on my mind is how busy I am. I’ve written several posts on my personal blog on topics such as slowing down, down-sizing my number of obligations, and so on. If you know me well, you know I’m always crazy busy with too many jobs, too much homework, or really early church events. If I have a free minute, I’m probably going to find something to fill it.

With this kind of busyness, God often becomes a thing of convenience. I’ll read my Bible if I have time. I’ll pray if I have time. I’ll take this girl out to chat if I have time. God becomes something that is no longer the most important thing, the center of my life, but something I can throw in the mix if I can somehow make it work. The problem with this is God is a jealous God. He wants all of your love, all of your time, and all of your devotion.

We so often decide to make God a temporary visitor, a guest in our house when we have time or when we need him. Things start going south, and we are on our knees asking for help. Time is abundant, and we are singing our praises. When we are crunched for time, forget Him or don’t need something from him, God often becomes secondary, but God doesn’t want that.

I have been reading Ivan Tait’s book, Letters from God. I want to quote it because I think he said it better than I ever could. From the perspective of God he says:

I am no longer looking for someone to visit. I have come to stay. Some people want Me to visit them at their convenience. They don’t realize that I don’t want to be a visitor. I want to move into the house and be a dweller. A dweller owns the house and everything in it. I don’t need a tour of your house; I need a room in your house. Give me ownership, and we will be partners in all of life. I want to be near you 24 hours a day, to be there when you wake, eat, and walk, when you read, sleep, and work, when you think, feel, move, rest, when you struggle. I want to fill your soul with true happiness. I want to hear your prayers and silent thoughts. I want to live, move, and have My being in you. I want to be a permanent resident in your life, not a visitor who must leave when his stay is over. I come to stay. I come to be welcomed home. Do this and see that I will do for you what no one else can do: eternal restorations, renovations, and transformations.

You see, as Tait wrote, God doesn’t want to be just a visitor. He wants to be the owner of your life and all that you do. He wants to work with you because only He can bring those eternal restorations and transformations. When we invite him in like this, we begin to see the crazy things He is doing, and He makes us a part of them.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be a rock star in this life, changing lives for Jesus and speaking incredible truth. I feel change coming at the hand of God within Myself, within Eikon Church, and within the members of the Church in America. Grab hold as God begins to work and make him a permanent dweller of your life because I promise you won’t want to miss the crazy things He’s about to do.

Victoria Rinear

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 by Benji Block