Hate is not a bad word. Hate needs to drive sometimes… Please hate wisely.

Hate can drive toward division or hate can drive toward change. What we hate and how we hate really matters.

Small thinking hates people. Small thinking says you wronged me so I will wrong you back. Small thinking generalizes. Small thinking says 1 person is this way so this whole group must be this way.

Where does that lead us? Resolution is not found in shouting matches. Resolution is found in HATING dividing walls.

Hate what is evil. Hate it with everything inside you. Hate until there is a fire that moves you to action. Everyone hates, the challenge is to hate wisely. The hope I have is that our hate for evil compels us to run 100mph in the direction of love.

Take an absolute stand against injustice. Take an absolute stand for justice. Take a stand without being destructively angry. The second your hatred for injustice becomes destructive you add fuel to the fire and you forfeit the voice you long to have.

We are all broken. In this life there is tragedy. May it never stop us from doing good. May the lack of scope of our little voice NEVER keep us from standing for what is right.

Hate the loss of life. Hate dividing walls. Hate division…

Let your hate drive you to be known for all the opposite… May you be known for your inclusive nature, your love for life, your honesty, your authenticity, your stick-to-it-ivenss.

In a world full of cliques & crews, groups & gangs, classes & categories, factions & fraternities, may you stand tall, open to all.

We are not our race or religion. We are not our brands and affiliations. We are children. We are ALL children of God. We are born in His image and His likeness.

So we shake our fists at injustice everywhere. We do not remain silent. Bold & brave we hate the darkness, we despise mediocrity, we sprint toward love.

We choose to see below the surface. Deeper than skin tone or police uniform. Deeper than rainbow flags or “God hates Fags”. We refuse to draw our lines and build our walls, we refuse to generalize or trash talk…

We will not be backed into a corner by fear, shame, or insecurity. Life is sacred. Light is beautiful. Love will be preached with our life. We will see gold in people.

Hate evil. Hate disfunction. Hate Generalizations. Hate Racism. Hate low expectations. Hate gossip. Hate slander. Hate lack of honesty. Hate lies. Hate dividing walls.


By Benji Block

Friday, September 16, 2016 by Eikon Church