On Sunday, December 4th, our Pastor shared this important message with our congregation regarding the future of Eikon Church. 



Below is a follow-up statement from Pastor Kelly regarding the announcement:

Today is a sad day. With a heavy heart we made the announcement this morning that after 10 years of serving our community as Eikon Church, we are officially closing our doors. We have experienced significant loss as a faith community over the past couple years and those losses eventually caught up with us. We have been financially fragile for a while and eventually we had to face the reality that we just didn’t have the resources to continue, so we made the difficult decision to close and our last service together with be on December 18th.

I know that everything has a season, and I know that not everything lasts forever. I know that there is still so much good to be found for all of us and that the Spirit will keep leading us all because that’s what the Spirit does. I am hopeful for both my own future as well as the future of those who called Eikon home and whom I love so dearly.

And also, I am so sad. I’m so sad that this means everyone will be losing our church home.
I’m so sad that the dreams and hopes we had for the future of Eikon aren’t turning out the way we wanted. And I’m so sad for our beloved LGBTQ siblings who have found a home here when many had looked for a place to belong for a really long time.

We have been a part of something so beautiful and life giving and so much good has come from this previous faith community. We have stood for justice and inclusion and we have truly worked together to make this world more loving and safe for all people. People who have experienced pain and trauma at the hands of the Church have found healing. Together we built a place that was safe for folks to doubt and ask questions and change their minds and not have all the answers. We have come together and supported local organizations who are doing good and important work. We have repented together and lamented together, we have sat with one another in our grief and we have celebrated wins together. What a gift it has been.

For 10 years this has been such a huge part of my life and figuring out how to close the door on this season is really hard. There is so much grief and I can physically feel the internal wrestle as I do the hard work of letting go.

I know I’ll have more to say in the coming weeks, but for now I’ll end with this: to everyone who has called Eikon home, you are so loved and it has been my honor to serve our community alongside you. I am here for you and in the coming weeks I will do everything I can to love you and support you as we walk this hard road together. As my dear friend Janine said this morning: Love wins, even still.

Saturday, December 10, 2022 by Amanda Martinez