We believe Jesus shows us what God is like. When Jesus’s disciples asked him to show them, God, he said that “Whoever has seen me has seen the Father.” Jesus reveals to us a new way of being in the world and asks us to follow him and his way of love. We believe Jesus commands our priorities to seek justice for everyone. Jesus is the center of our community.


We believe grace is the oxygen of a healthy Christian spirituality. The sum total of God’s activity towards humanity is found in the word ‘grace’. God is “doing a good work in us and will bring it to completion”. All of life is a gift, and every good and perfect gift is from God. It is ‘on the house’ from start to finish. This recognition of grace informs our commitment to welcoming everyone into full participation in the life of our church.


We believe Jesus orients his work, purpose, and his very person in what he calls “The Kingdom of God”. We don’t privatize or shrink the scope of the good news Jesus comes to proclaim. We seek what Jesus described as ‘the renewal of all things’. Jesus claims all of the cosmos as the theater of his redemptive work. It’s a big idea. We seek to join Jesus in this work, and all are invited to join us.

Biblically Grounded

We believe the Bible to be “the territory in which Christians expect to hear God speaking,” as Rowan Williams put it. It is the source of our story. We read it through the lens of Jesus, Grace and Kingdom. Scripture’s role is not unlike John the Baptist, not existing for itself, but pointing us to Jesus. God invites us into honest and authentic engagement with Scripture.

Ever Reforming

We believe the nature of Christian faith is one of continual growth. We expect ever-expanding vistas of understanding and growth as God’s Spirit leads us. Because of this, we remember that as Paul taught us, ‘we see through a glass dimly’ and hold our convictions with loving humility and ongoing curiosity in hopes that God will continue to refine and reform our understanding.

Intellectually Honest

We believe whatever God found worth creating, we should find worth studying. We encourage disciplined, rigorous inquiry as a means of fulfilling Jesus’ great commandment to love God with our minds. We believe there is no conflict between faith and science. We expect to learn from everyone because all truth is God’s truth. Doubts, questions, and new ideas are encouraged.

Communally Designed

We believe Christian faith is inherently plural. All of our values are meant to be lived out in community. We get this from a belief in a Triune God who is love and invites us into the circle of inter-trinitarian love. This community exists not just for itself, but for everyone, so the constant invitation to step into this circle is offered to all. The love of God comes to us to go through us to the world around us. We are truly better together.

Friday, October 10, 2014 by Eikon Church